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عزيزي الزائر أود أن ألفت انتباهك إلى الحقيقة التالية، هذا رأيي وفقاً للمعطيات الحالية وليس حكماً ، فإن كان لديك غير ذلك فكن دليلاً لنا ولغيرك.


Transparency over Cholecystectomy

 since when this way  .. Transparency over Cholecystectomy ..

Egyptian State Television has announced that President Hosni Mubarak he will be undergoes gallbladder surgery in the Germany city of Heidelberg and he has handed power temporarily to his Prime Minister Mr. Nazif.
Cholecystectomy is not a big,critical or delicate surgery operation and almost any hospital in Egypt do it in a good professional way by accurate Egyptian doctor, even some private Clinics do it in a right way ,  so why  Mr. President has to make it outside the country.  
What make some Rumors pop up; he has been in power since 1981 and has not designated a successor and mentioned many times that he will do when a fit person is there, or we are not in needy situation and even if we are in , Egypt in the current Constitution will take its course, that what is creating and prompting speculation about who might takeover in Egypt, but what most bizarre thing is the direct approach of State TV which was unusually dealing with the delicate state of the president’s health.
Mubarak’s family , Mr. Zakaria Azmi President Office Top Secretary, Dr. Hatem el-Gabali minister of health are accompanying President Mubarak
Maybe good to mention that in 2003 Mubarak collapsed briefly during a speech to parliament, in 2004 Mubarak underwent surgery for a slipped disc at a Munich hospital
So Rumors have been circulating expressing doubt on, why over sudden the old fashion State TV starting breaking president’s health news

Tomorrow is  another day  



إرسال تعليق

أشكر لك تعليقك .. و أتمنى عليك أن تنقي بتعليقك شوائب أفكاري و أعتذر مقدما إن أسئت بكلماتي دون قصد الي أحد ... كلماتك شطر روحك فأنتخب منها ما يريحك ....هذا قولي ... و أجمل منه قول الأمام الشافعي " ما جادلت أحدا ، إلا تمنيت أن يُظهر الله الحق على لسانه دوني " الأمام الشافعي

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