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عزيزي الزائر أود أن ألفت انتباهك إلى الحقيقة التالية، هذا رأيي وفقاً للمعطيات الحالية وليس حكماً ، فإن كان لديك غير ذلك فكن دليلاً لنا ولغيرك.


Oscar winner ... The Hurt Locker ... For the Invaders glory flame, for homeland defenders the shame

Best Motion Picture of the Year Nominees
1-      Avatar (2009)
2-      The Blind Side (2009)
3-      District 9 (2009)
4-      An Education (2009)
5-      Inglourious Basterds (2009)
6-      Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)
7-      A Serious Man (2009)
8-      Up (2009)
9-      Up in the Air (2009/I)
10-   The Hurt Locker (2008)   Winner   
Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
The Hurt Locker (2008): Mark Boal   Winner   
Best Achievement in Editing
The Hurt Locker (2008): Bob Murawski, Chris Innis   Winner   
Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
The Hurt Locker (2008): Paul N.J. Ottosson, Ray Beckett  Winner   
Best Achievement in Sound Editing
The Hurt Locker (2008): Paul N.J. Ottosson   Winner   

They are indeed glorifying their aggression and invasions on our countries, they have the syndromes of glory war and somehow martyrs, we are not only in the accused club! Welcome to hyperbolic realism.
oh my merciful Allah (God) they are keep killing us and have the guts to have their pain to share in locker, what a sensitive, cute  and beautiful people they are?!! Are not they?!!
I can understand Iraqi or Palestine people* who are standing to defend their own and our Arab land  have a right to claim the label - hero/martyr/homeland defender - , but what still my mind can't able to find a logical reason to digest why they ask for it and they ask here, at least 10000 miles far away?! 
On my point of view we have all the right to call proudly our dead homeland defenders martyrs “as they did that in their near and/or far history  ... otherwise they have to redouble check their history and national icon, and may re-label - (in France  Jeanne d'Arc - in England Nelson, Montgomery and Wellington -  in USA ( Native American ) Black Hawk (chief) &Geronimo  /  Nathan Hale  state hero of Connecticut on American Revolutionary War.   in Canada Louis Riel  in Scotland  Sir William Wallace  - in Portugal  Viriathus – in Austria Andreas Hofer ) some of them  were  ordinary people , soldiers , even thieves, pirates but when they started to be their homeland defenders  started to be HEROES,
So please for Allah (God) sake, would our Arab Orientalist " whom still seeing our people and land from behind of  whatever western glasses they wear “stop make this unfair, sick and twisted partition between the administration, civil society and so-called intellectual elite.
To be fair enough they are all the same but for some whom still honest with their mind soul and fact on land they have nothing to offer to our case except theoretical support. We are on our own.
* “I would say even Afghanis or Pakistanis people have the same right that we have , but the will tell me in my face 9/11 , even if they don’t have – up to this moment - any concrete evidences to persuade their people , furthermore persuade us  ..But now this is an irrelevant case or still time to reveal. 

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أشكر لك تعليقك .. و أتمنى عليك أن تنقي بتعليقك شوائب أفكاري و أعتذر مقدما إن أسئت بكلماتي دون قصد الي أحد ... كلماتك شطر روحك فأنتخب منها ما يريحك ....هذا قولي ... و أجمل منه قول الأمام الشافعي " ما جادلت أحدا ، إلا تمنيت أن يُظهر الله الحق على لسانه دوني " الأمام الشافعي

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