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عزيزي الزائر أود أن ألفت انتباهك إلى الحقيقة التالية، هذا رأيي وفقاً للمعطيات الحالية وليس حكماً ، فإن كان لديك غير ذلك فكن دليلاً لنا ولغيرك.


Youtube start to kick butt

By the end of the day I can’t say it is a complete surprise that You Tube will try to reveal the ugly face of so-called globalization by banning download video clips from its site but , I admit that I have been caught with my pants down by sudden maneuvering move on March 01,2015 . Anyhow that will keep teaching and reminding me the precious lesson - which I never took – that take nothing for guaranteed, Now I freely happy to say that another sub-goal have been vanished away . Once upon the time I had a plan to have archives of my own for the rare and unique clips were laying down taking its clippy “bronzage “on chubby loaded You Tube website . fortunately you can say I'm always fully secure by my safety net I always can count on myself ready and steady to feed the blame, but the real problem is this sudden move is juggling and climbing conspiracy thought of mine and start to analyze chatty chatty with myself it could be a minor second move on the greedy rally of capitalism lead us slowly from “ smiley ! Hi would you like to have a free ride.. To you pay or I kick your butt away “yesterday ... oh don’t let me start ... to today only watching and embedding tomorrow!!! We will pay just for Hi
Hello ..... copyright
If we are still there we will run for the rest of it
Update 1: Try to have a sense of humor once on time
just kidding
Update 2: Practical joke!! The respected site is still giving excellent service as best as ever, but somebody has a sick mind!! What are you getting to do with that
Update 3: sorry my mistake ... just feeling Simpson of the day ... this post is not for real not for here

Tomorrow is another day



إرسال تعليق

أشكر لك تعليقك .. و أتمنى عليك أن تنقي بتعليقك شوائب أفكاري و أعتذر مقدما إن أسئت بكلماتي دون قصد الي أحد ... كلماتك شطر روحك فأنتخب منها ما يريحك ....هذا قولي ... و أجمل منه قول الأمام الشافعي " ما جادلت أحدا ، إلا تمنيت أن يُظهر الله الحق على لسانه دوني " الأمام الشافعي

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