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عزيزي الزائر أود أن ألفت انتباهك إلى الحقيقة التالية، هذا رأيي وفقاً للمعطيات الحالية وليس حكماً ، فإن كان لديك غير ذلك فكن دليلاً لنا ولغيرك.


MB step by step ! How to kill a candidate image and build public rage

On behalf  of el shater 

- M.Badie + M.Morsi 's speech -  as they give him a Nomination

Let's recall on the way of trying to analyze the MB's announcement  scene of el Shater's presidential candidacy " regardless you are support , fan or anti-MB" :
ABCs  of the art of ads is selling the image,which capsulate the bitter content in shine glamour look, so announcement is a marketing message  you target through it to gain something you don't have  ie .. In this case people support - for god sake -  !!
Look at this !
It is indeed the poorest, fishiest and the worse  PR opening scene in any election campaign ever, starting from the third grade's entertainment committee up to the super position in country

First      :  the symbolism of attendance and absence concept  . " Bosses " are breaking the news  on  spot lights , the candidate " Employee" is absent.
Picture this ! your boss is wrapping and shipping  your skills  to serve  his client according to your Employment  contract  terms  (  pledge of allegiance ) - your presence is not essential !!

Second:  the body language of the attendance " Zero healthy social life outside their secured closed environment, dried faces, disturbed eyes , stiffened body moves  " it is war announcement "

Third     : the statement itself , no smooth opening , no reasonable Justifications for regression of  their two previous declarations , no implied apology , just .. here we are .. deal and live with it

look at this scene and make your own comparison

Obama Speech as he Wins Nomination 2008

Maybe they meant well but the policy is a bumpy road, you can't only leans on a good intentions - because they are not simply   good enough – that if you have them in first place  

Tomorrow is another day



شكراً جزيلاً على الموضوع

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اللهم ولى من يصلح

شكرا سيدي لمرورك الكريم
آمين .. اللهم وَلَّى من يصلح ... و أعنا على أن نصلح من اسْتَوْلى .. أنك صاحب الخير و القادر عليه

إرسال تعليق

أشكر لك تعليقك .. و أتمنى عليك أن تنقي بتعليقك شوائب أفكاري و أعتذر مقدما إن أسئت بكلماتي دون قصد الي أحد ... كلماتك شطر روحك فأنتخب منها ما يريحك ....هذا قولي ... و أجمل منه قول الأمام الشافعي " ما جادلت أحدا ، إلا تمنيت أن يُظهر الله الحق على لسانه دوني " الأمام الشافعي

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