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عزيزي الزائر أود أن ألفت انتباهك إلى الحقيقة التالية، هذا رأيي وفقاً للمعطيات الحالية وليس حكماً ، فإن كان لديك غير ذلك فكن دليلاً لنا ولغيرك.


Ohh Soso and Mimi .. Salafist are coming I will miss the Bikini

What a pity we're keeping our self busy by asking who will come to rule, instead of looking deep into our self to see Who we are! What we can do. I think unless we discover the lesson of Tahrir  that we are the genuine ruler sooner or later we will take the same old slap on face no matter what who will come to rule  .
I really enjoy seeing the phenomenal body of Egyptian young and mature ladies wearing bikinis from micro bikini up or down to G-string bikini so as well enjoying cinema, Theater, Ballet, Opera, Museum ... etc  
Seriously I can take in consideration the critical and chronic social discrepancies (so-called sectarian) which will melt down with nowadays healthy social and political mobility.
Duh!  The former convicted regime gave all those to us and more.  Is that what we "the people" stood up against the corrupted regime to achieve it?!!!! . Thus
On my point of view the most logical starting point is can we focus on forming the questions, asking and demanding whoever the next "act governor" will come ( Muslim Brotherhood & Salafist or Egyptian Bloc or socialist or Liberalist, Marchainist "Aliens from march planet" ) to deliver a time table  accurate, practical, unorthodox and a fordable solutions for our challenging genuine issues like minimize the poverty, develop the applied scientific research to solve housing dilemma  , using the scientific leverage  to maximize the food self-sufficiency , medical care , develop industrialization, agriculture, fighting unemployment, traffic jam, improving environmental atmosphere …etc
Meanwhile and after that trying to make a professional shadow cabinet for  monitoring and analysis how they "act governor" apply their solutions, to make us able to correct the misconduct when and where is done.
 After that if we will miss a bikini – I don't know about you but sure I will - always I can go to Beirut, Istanbul 6 nights B/B for 1000 $ " my salary will be enough to save a cut for fun ". Charge my batteries, loosing up a little and back to work.

Tomorrow is another day

Please be kind enough to receive my truly apology for putting the picture in it's place, if that offend any person of you but what is leading to the conclusion is a part of it    



إرسال تعليق

أشكر لك تعليقك .. و أتمنى عليك أن تنقي بتعليقك شوائب أفكاري و أعتذر مقدما إن أسئت بكلماتي دون قصد الي أحد ... كلماتك شطر روحك فأنتخب منها ما يريحك ....هذا قولي ... و أجمل منه قول الأمام الشافعي " ما جادلت أحدا ، إلا تمنيت أن يُظهر الله الحق على لسانه دوني " الأمام الشافعي

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